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Dance scripts plus links to websites with dance script sheets.

Listed below are dance steps to the dances taught by Brian Carter as a caller in four different Eastbourne folk dance groups and clubs over the years (242 dances uploaded to date).


Eastbourne Folk Dance Club New Years Social 31st December 2006

After Dinner Maggot (Longways Triple Minor - Proper)

Alabama Jubilee (Circle)

Alabama Jubilee (Square)

All The Way to Galway (Longways Duple Minor Improper - 1st couple improper)

Ani's Waltz (Couple start with inside hand hold, man on inside and lady on outside both facing L.O.D.)

Anna Turns Five (5 Couple Circle)

Apley House (Longways - Proper)

Apollo's Hunt (Duple Minor Longways - 1st couple improper)

Are You Ready to Rumba (One couple Partner Slot Dance)

Arkansas Traveller (Longways proper - for as many as will)

Astonished Archeologist (Three Couple longways - proper)

Aurett's Dutch Skipper (Longways - Proper)

Balance The Star (Sicilian Circle)

Band of Friends (Duple Minor Longways - 1st couple improper)

Barn Dance, The - Circle Dance

Bath Carnival (3 Couple Longways)

Beecham Grove New Hall (Almost a Square Set)

Big School Circle (Circle formation - all facing into circle)

Birdie in A Cage (American Square)

Bishop, The (Longways Triple Minor - Proper)

Black Nag, The (3 Couple Longways (in three parts - Proper)

Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown (Square)

Bonny Cuckoo (4 Couple Longways)

Boston Tea Party, The (Long set for 6 couples)

Boys of Oakhill (Longways - 1st couple improper)

Braes of Dornoch (Longways for 3 couples)

Bucksaw Reel (Partners side by side in two lines facing - Even number of couples in Beckett formation)

Cambridge Waltz - Longways (Two couple minor set, doub;e progression)

Chains Across (American Square)

Charlene's Celebration (4 Couple Longways)

Chestnut - (3 Couple Longways - Goes once through with music)

Childgrove (Longways for as many as will)

Chinese Breakdown (Square)

Christchurch Bells (Longways Duple - Proper)

Christmas Hornpipe (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

Circassian Circle (Large circle round the room, ladies on the right of their partner)

Circle Waltz (Large circle round the room, ladies on the right of their partner)

Comical Fellow (Longways for as many as will)

Corelli's Maggot (Duple Minor Longways)

Cornish Six-Hand Reel (3 couple, 3 x 64 or 6 x 32 marches)

Cuckoo's Nest (3 Couple longways - Proper)

Country Bumpkin (8 Couple Longways)

Cumberland Square 8 (Square set, men with partner on right)

Comical Fellow (Longways for as many as will)

Dallas Route - Revised Zig-Zag version (Square)

Dancing Wife (Longways, Duple Minor - Proper)

Dashing White Sergeant (3 facing 3)

Deer Park Lancers (American Square)

Delia (3 Couple longways)

Delight of Sudbury, The (3 Couple Longways)

Demented Seagull, The (Square)

Devil's Dream (Longways Improper Contra)

Disbanded Officer (Longways Duple Minor)

Do-Si-Do and Face The Sides (American Square Dance)

Double Duet, A (Duple Minor Longways - 2nd couple improper)

Down Yonder (Singing Square Dance)

Drapers Gardens (Longways Duple Minor in Waltz Speed - Proper)

Drapers Maggott (Longways Triple Minor - ring off in sixes)

Dressed Ship (Longways)

Dublin Bay (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

Duck Through and Swing (American Square Dance

Duke of Kent's Waltz (Longways duple minor - proper)

Dunham Oaks (Longways Duple Minor - 1st couple improper)

Dunhants House Waltz (Three couple longways - two's improper)

Early One Morning (Longways-Proper)

East Meets West (Longways duple improper - couple one improper)

Elverton Grove (Longways)

Emma Turns Three (Sicilian Circle - Trio facing trio)

Epping Forest (Round for six in three parts - 4th Ed., 1670 - 3 couple circle)

Fairfield Fancy (Longways - 1st couple improper starting facing other couple)

Fandango, The (3 Couple Longways)

Farewell Marian (Double circle, men with their backs to the centre facing their partners)

Farmers Quadrille (Square)

Fenterlaric (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

First of April, The (Longways Duple)

Flirtation Reel (Improper contra - 1st couple improper and standing between 2nd couple)

Francis Ann's Delight (Longways Duple Minor)

Freeford Gardens (Duple longways - 7 times through for as many as will)

Galopede County Dance (Longways for 8 couples or more)

Gathering Peascode - A circle dance for as many as will - often limited to six couples)

Gay Gordons Progressive (Couple around the room facing anti-clockwise, ladies on the right, holding inside hands)

Geud Man of Ballangigh, The (Longways proper for as many as will)

Good Man of Cambridge (Longways - Proper)

Grandfathers Clock (Square)

Grandma Slid Down The Mountain (American Square)

Grapevine Jig (Longways - Becket formation)

Grays Inn Mask (Longways for 4 couples)

Greensleeves and Yellow Lace (3 couple longways)

Greenwich Hospital (Double Longways - Proper)

Grimstock (3 Couple Longways - Proper)

Handle With Care (2 Couple Set - Man with partner on right facing other couple)

Heather Towers (Duple Minor - 1st Couple Improper)

Henry's Other Hornpipe (Duple Minor Longways - Historical English Style)

Hexertation (Square sets for 6 couples - Men with partner on right for six couples)

Hey Boys Up We Go (2 couples facing each other)

Hit and Miss (Two Couple Set - 22 bars X 3)

Holborn March (Duple Longways nfor as many as will - Proper)

Hole In The Wall (Longways - slow)

Homosassa Hornpipe (Longways Duple Minor Improper)

Honeysuckle Cottage (Longways - 1st Couple Improper)

Hop-Pickers Feast (Longways triple-minor dance or 3 couple longways)

Horseplay (Duple Minor Longways - 1st Couple Improper)

Hot Time In The Old Town (Square)

Hunsdown House (Square)

Huntington's Maggot (Longways - Proper)

Hyde Park (Square)

I Care Not For These Ladies (Circle)

Indian Princess, The (Large circle round the room, ladies facing their partner)

Indian Queen (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

Inflation Reel (Longways - 1st Couple Improper)

Jack's Maggot (Duple Minor Longways)

Jacobs Hall Jig (Longways for as many as will - Duple Minor Set)

Jamaica (4 couple longways set with couples 3 and 4 improper - also called English Jamaica)

Jenny Plucks Pears (3 Couple Circle)

Johnson City Circle (Circle for Five Couples)

Judges Jig (Longways - 2nd couple improper)

Juice of Barley, The (Longways Duple Minor)

Kelsterne Gardens (3 couple longways)

Kensington Court (Duple Minor Longways - Proper)

Kim's Game (Longways Double Duple Improper - 2nd couple improper)

Kitchen Lancers (American Square)

Knave's Quadrille (Square)

Kneeland Romp (3 Couple Longways)

La Russe Quadrille (Square)

Lady Walpole's Reel (Longways - 1st couple improper)

Laisteridge Lane (Duple Minor Longways)

Lancashire Reel (Circle of couples, men's back to centre and facing partner)

Lasses of Portsmouth, The (3 Couple Longways)

Leah's Waltz (3 Couple Longways)

Le Danser (1 Couple Circle Partner dance)

Les Manches Vertes - Greensleeves) (Longways Duple Minor)

Levi Jackson Rag (5 Couples - one head couple and 2 pairs of side couples in horse-shoe formation)

Lilli Burlero (Duple Minor Longways)

Louisiana Way (1 Couple Partner Circle - American)

Loves First Waltz (Partner Circle - American)

Malden Square (American Square)

Marching to Praetorius (Two couple set - Couple facing couple across)

Medway (3 Couple Longways)

Meillionen O Ferionydd (5 Couple longways - proper with inside hands joined)

Merry Andrew, The (3 Couple Longways

Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The (Longways for 8 in 3 parts)

Midnight Ramble, The (Longways Duple)

Midwinter Maggot (Duple Minor Longways)

Modadnock Muddle (American Square)

Mount Hills (Longways Duple Minor - Proper)

Mr. Beveridge's Maggot (Longways)

Mr. Chopin's Waltz (Sicilian Formation - Couple facing couple, women on mens right, in one large circle. Couple 1 faces CW in the circle and couple 2 faces CCW in the circle. 1st couple improper)

Mr Isaac's Maggot (Longways)

My Lady Winwood's Maggot (Longways proper for as many as will using 3 couples)

Mutual Love (Longways Duple Minor - Proper)

My Little Girl (American Square Dance)

My Lord Byron's Maggot (Longways Duple Minor)

Never love thee more (Longways Duple Minor - In two parts)

New Friends (Duple Minor longways)

Newcastle (Square Round of eight in three parts - numbering clockwise)

Newcastle Circle (Circle formation - all facing circle)

Nonesuch (4 Couple longways proper in five parts)

Nonesuch II (Duple Minor Longways - Proper)

Norfolk Long Dance (Longways)

Ocean Wave (American Square)

Oh Johnny (Circle version of American square dance in which couple change partners each time through the dance)

Old Wife Behind The Fire (Longways Proper)

Once A Night (Longways Proper)

Opera Reel (Longways for 6 couples)

Parisian Star (American Square)

Parson's Farewell (Two Couple Set Couple Facing Couple - Proper)

Pats Tradition (Longways for Three Couples - Proper)

Phoenix, The (4 Couple Longways - running steps throughout)

Physical Snob, The (Longways for Three Couples)

Picking Up Sticks (3 Couple Longways)

Pins and Needles (Longways - Proper)

Pleasures of the town, The (Longways for 3 couples)

Ploughboy (3 Couple longways)

Postie's Jig (4 Couple Longways - Proper)

Prince William (3 Couple Longways)

Queen's Jig (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

Quick Romp in the hey, A

Rakes of Rochester, The (Longways - Proper)

Ramblin' Rosie (Duple Minor longways - 1st couple improper)

Ramsgate Assembly (Three Couple Longways Waltz for longways triple minor)

Redwing (Singing Square)

Ripling Rapids (Longways Duple Improper - 1st Couple Improper)

Round About Our Coal Fire (Longways duple)

Rout, The (American Square)

Row Well, Ye Mariners (Duple longways - 2nd couple improper)

Rufty Tufty (2 Couple Set - couple facing couple)

Sackett's Harbour Contra (Longways Triple Minor Triple Progressive ringing off in sixes - Proper)

Scotch Cap (3 Couple longways - twice through)

Sellengers Round (Circle round the room, hands joined with lady partner on right)

Separate and Do-Si-Do (American Square)

Shadrack's Delight (American longways improper - 1st couple improver)

Shadrack's Square (American square)

Shandy Hall (4 Couple longways)

Shrewsbury Lasses (3 Couple longways - Proper)

Sion House (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

Sir Watkins Jig (3 Couple longways - proper)

Six Pass Through (American Style Square set 7 x 32 with three different choruses)

Smithy Hill (Longways for as many as will - 1st couple improper)

Spaniard, The (Longways - Proper)

Spanking Jack (Longways - Proper)

Square Line Special (For couple longways - 1st and 3rd couple improper)

Sprigs of Laurel (Longways Duple Minor)

Star Trek (4 Couple longways)

Star Trek Longways (Becket formation longways)

Stockport Assembly (Duple Minor Longways)

Stowe Hall (3 couple longways - Proper)

Streets of Laredo (Square)

Swanee (Square)

Swedish Masquerade (Circle couple dance - 5 times through)

Take A Dance (Longways for as many as will - Proper)

Terpsicourante (4 couple longways - 1 & 3 crossed over. Start facing corner)

Texas Star (American Square)

Texas Waltz (1 Couple Partner Circe dance - American)

Three Jolly Black Sheepskins (3 Couple Border Morris Longways)

Tin Lizzie Quadrille (American Square)

Touchstone, The (3 Couple Set - Proper)

Trip to Bavaria, The (4 Couple Longways - Proper)

Trip to Dunkirk (3 Couple longways _ 1st couple improper)

Trip to the Manors (2 Couple Set - couple facing couple)

Turning By Threes (Circle for 3 couples)

Twelve Square Reel (Square for 6 couples)

Upon A Summers Day (3 couple longways in three parts - Proper)

Veleta or Veleta Mixer (Partner Circle - Sequence dance)

Vivaldi in Paradise (Duple minor improper longways - 2nd couple improper)

Wabash Cannonball (American Square)

Wakefield Hunt (Longways Triple Minor - Triple Progression or 3 Couple Longways)

Walpole Cottage (3 facing 3 - man in middle)

Waltz Country Dance Variant (1 couple facing 1 couple - double sicilian circle)

Waltz Quadrille (Square)

Washington Quickstep (Longways - Proper)

Waterfall Waltz (Sicilian Circle, couple facing couple)

Waves of Tory (5 Couple Longways)

Well Done Jack (Longways - Proper)

Well Hall (Longways - Proper)

Western Barn Dance (Couple Partner circle - American)

West Wind Waltz (Sicilian Circle - Couple facing couple)

Whalebones (4 Couple Longways - Proper)

Whirligig, The (3 Couple Longways)

Whiskey Before Dinner (Duple Minor Longways - 1st couple improper at 123 rhythm)

White Coppice (Square)

Wibsey Roundabout (5 Couple circle with lady on mans right and hands free by the side)

Young Widow, The (3 Couple Longways)

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