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Dance Step Sheets (Page One)

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Dance Step Sheets (Page One)
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Dance steps sheets for dances taught

I give links to dance step sheets for dances taught - 34 dance step sheets


Are You Ready to Rumba - Western Couple Slot or Circle dance

Barn Dance - Folk dance, circle mixer

Best of Friends - Western Couple dance

Black Nag - Folk dance, longways for six

Butterfly Waltz - Western Couple dance

Circassian Circle - folk dance in large circles

Circle Waltz - Folk dance, circle mixer

Cornish Six-Hand Reel - Folk dance, 3 couple

Country Bumpkin - Folk dance - longways for 8 couples

County Line - Line Dance often done holding hands along the line

Dashing White Sergeant (Folk dance with scottish flavour - Circle round the room, each man with two women, three facing three)

Gay Gordons, The - Sequence dance in circle

Guidman of Ballangegh, The - Folk dance - longways for 2 couples

Hot Time in The Old Town - Traditional American Square Dance

Jenny Plucks Pears - Folk dance, 3 Couple Round

Louisiana Way (Western Couple dance) - Dance steps on Page Two, and step video on Page Three

Loves First Waltz (Western Couple dance)

Mexican Wind - Western Couple Slot dance

Ocean Wave - Traditional American Square Dance

Oh Johnny (Circle version of American square dance in which couples change partners each time through the dance)

Pat - a - cake Polka (Folk dance - Concentric circles of men and women (men on the inside facing partner)

Queens Jig (Folk dance - longways for as many as will)

Ribbon of Highway - Line dance

Rumba Stroll (Western Couple dance)

Salty Dog Rag - Western Couple dance variation of American round dance

San Antone (The Birchwood Stroll) - Line dance

Saturday Night Fever - Line dance

Steamboat - Folk dance, longways, duple minor

Tempted - Western Couple dance

Texas Waltz - Western Couple and line dance

Upon A Summers Day (Folk dance - longways for three couples)

Veleta, The (Sequence dance in circle)

Wabash Cannonball - Traditional American Square Dance

Westwind Waltz Folk dance, Sicilian Circle, couple facing couple